Dva semináře

11.10.2017 v 16:00

Dieter Robaschik (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus)
The road to GPDs
(30 min.)

From the historical perspective (1974 – 1994) the principal steps leading to the introduction of generalized parton distributions (GPDs)are recapitulated and the universal importance of GPDs is described.

Dieter Müller (Institut Ruder Boskovic Zagreb)
Theoretical and phenomenological aspects
of generalized parton distributions
(60 min.)

Generalized parton distributions allow us to resolve the partonic content of hadrons, in particular the nucleon, and nuclei in three dimensions. Furthermore, they can be utilized to address the decomposition of the nucleon spin in terms of fundamental quark and gluon degrees of freedom. To reach these goals, enormous efforts have been spent during the last decade to measure exclusive electroproduction processes in the deeply virtual regime. In this presentation I re-view the theoretical and phenomenological status of the field and provide an outlook of developments in theory and phenomenology.