Nuclear theory

Physics of complex quantum many-body systems


Jan Kvasil +420/221912471
Pavel Cejnar +420/221912472 WWW
František Knapp +420/221912465
Pavel Stránský +420/221912465 WWW
Docs & postdocs:
 Anton Repko
 Michal Kloc
 Daniel Božík
Michal Macek Yale University, USA

Subjects of interest:

  • Microscopic description of collective states in nuclei 
    Long-range interactions and correlated nucleonic motions…
  • Nuclear many-body problem 
    Shell-model calculations and density-functional approaches…
  • Quantum phase transitions in finite systems 
    Ground-state and excited-state critical phenomena in collective degrees of freedom…
  • Chaos in collective dynamics 
    Classical and quantum signatures of chaos in vibrational motions of nuclei…
  • Exact and approximate dynamical symmetries 
    Algebraic approaches to complex many-body systems…

International collaboration:

NPI Řež (CZ), Uni Napoli (IT), JINR Dubna (RU), Uni Madrid & Sevilla (ES), Uni Jerusalem (IL), Yale Uni (USA), UNAM Mexico City (MEX), Uni Köln (DE)…

List of Publications