Particle detectors

Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics is active in the silicon detector development and also in the development of detectors for the neutrino experiments.

Silicon detector group

The silicon detector group exists since 1997.

We focus on the experimental particle physics, detector development and simulations, programming in the area of testing and simulating of silicon strip detectors and pixel. Many tests (e.g.  tests with laser) are performed in our Electronic laboratory and Clean rooms in Troja campus. We also participate in many tests in the world particle physics labs (CERN, DESY, KEK).

The main projects we are involved are:

  • ATLAS – Semiconductor Tracker (SCT), Silicon strip detector for the ATLAS experiment and its upgrade
  • DEPFET  active pixels for future experiments
  • BELLE II experiment: development of the vertex detector based on the DEPFET technology (more info)
  • R&D50 project – Radiation hard semiconductor devices for very high luminosity colliders and
  • Detector for the proposed linear accelerator ILC.

More details about the infrastructure and equipment can be found at Peter Kodys’s page.

There are many opportunities for a student engagement and various theses. These are described at the Czech version of this page.