Email setup

We are in a state of migration from the “old” to the “new” email server.

The “new” email server is the central university Office 365, which uses CAS authentication. You can log in using an email in the form <personal number> or – if you have it active – using an alias email, for example <name>.<surname> To get an alias, contact the secretary of the institute Milan Krtička.

Instructions for the “old” mail are here.

Transferring old emails to the new mailbox

Follow the attached instructions if you need to transfer old emails from the old to the new email server. The old email server will be shut down at the end of February 2024. After shutting down the old server, it will no longer be possible to access your old mail.

Instructions (relevant instructions start on slide 9)

Transition to a new email address

After successful migration (but even if you have decided not to transfer old emails), you need to do the following steps:

1) On the MFF website: -> “log in” at the top right -> the settings icon (service interface) -> “Web” in the left-hand bar -> Personal info. This is where you set where the alias forwards your email. Here, set the new email

2) This has been done for everyone by now. Go to Milan Krtička to make the change in the Amoeba database for official employee emails.

3) Ask to cancel the email at Karlov and make a simple alias to the new address

If in need of help, contact Petr Tas.