Seminar of Theoretical particle physics (NJSF125, NJSF155)

Every Friday at 13:00, room A836UCJF or A945UCJF (if available)

year 2022/23:

07.10.'22 Karol Kampf: On amplitude soft bootstrap methods
14.10.'22 Christoph Bartsch: Recursion Relations for One-Loop Goldstone Boson Amplitudes ... Notes
21.10.'22 Jaroslav Trnka: On the positive geometry
28.10.'22 no seminar
04.11.'22 Petr Vasko: Introduction to QFT in the de Sitter space
11.11.'22 Eugenia Boffo (Math. Institute, MFF UK Prague): Spin field for N=1 particles
25.11.'22 Jaroslav Říha: Order parameters of three-flavour chiral symmetry from pi-pi scattering
15.12.'22 (13:00) Taro Brown (UC Davis): Poles at Infinity
10.02.'23 Shruti Paranjape (UC Davis): Double Copy and Soft Behaviour
17.02.'23 Renann Lipinski Jusinskas (FZU Prague): Asymmetrically twisted strings
03.03.'23 and 17.03.'23 (2nd part: reloaded) Michal Malinsky: Guts in the sky (without diamonds)
24.03.'23 Katerina Jarkovska: On the one-loop calculations in GUTs
31.03.'23 no seminar (RECFA meeting)
14.04.'23 no seminar (Mala Skala)
21.04.'23 no seminar (ICTP meeting)
28.04.'23 Hedvika Gedeonova: Leptoquarks and how to find them

forthcoming :

12.05.'23 Tomas Husek: Six pions and lattice

in preparation:

May 15-18 '23: Prague Spring Amplitudes Workshop
october '23 Marian Kolesar: TBA